The only company in the world manufacturing a complete line of PEMF machines based on different technologies. Starting with PEMF Home devices up to full clinical PEMF systems.

Curatron FLASH PEMF system for instant pain relief, an excellent choice for chiropractors.    

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PEMF with Curatron FLASH - the ultimate pain relief PEMF device for immediate results!

Curatron PEMF FLASH unit

Introduction of Curatron PEMF FLASH video

To complete the Curatron family we have added a high intensity impulse Curatron FLASH PEMF device.

Curatron FLASH PEMF with intensities of over 7,000 Gauss ==> the fastest & shortest PEMF spike in the world!

The Curatron FLASH high intensity PEMF pulses are completely electronically controlled by high voltage solid state semiconductor technology and no parts need to be replaced making the unit completely service free, like all other Curatron models.


The Curatron FLASH PEMF impulse device does not work with a so called “spark gap” chamber which has become obsolete technology.

The Curatron FLASH PEMF unit has 10 internal computer controlled programs offering a wide choice for various treatment possibilities.

The 10 built-in computer controlled programs offer superior flexibility including for use of a wide range of PEMF FLASH applications.

The multipurpose coil can be used as shown in the pictures, both as regular coil and folded as butterfly coil. 

Download Curatron PEMF Home system

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An optional 7" coil pad is available with  output intensities reaching up to 7000 Gauss!

An optional 18" x 23" mat is also available

for treatment of larger body areas.

See muscle movements with Curatron FLASH

With the flick of a switch turn on the Power Booster for PEMF intensities of up to 7000 Gauss  ==>

Curatron FLASH ultimate choice for Chiropractors video

Curatron PEMF FLASH butterfly coil video

Curatron PEMF FLASH applicators video

Power booster for Curatron PEMF FLASH video

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