We get many emails asking if high intensity PEMF's should be used for treating Corona Covid-19.

The Curatron high intensity FLASH PEMF systems boost the body's immune system by improving circulation and oxygenation.


PEMF's do however not cure the Corona Covid-19 virus but the Curatron high intensity FLASH machines will help your body fight viruses.  

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According to recommendations of Dr. Pawluk

Using PEMFs on a regular basis, whole body units with intensities greater than 70 Gauss or higher intensity systems for daily use for preventive purposes. He recommends higher intensity whole body PEMF systems for protection, preventing infection, and treating it as necessary. Very low intensity whole body systems cannot be expected to provide enough protection or benefit.

The coronavirus - Covid-19 pandemic requires careful attention and consideration of various preventive measures including routinely recommended public health measures. Similar measures can be reasonably applied for other types of respiratory viral infections commonly seen in the winter. Such measures should be strongly considered especially for those most vulnerable. These aggressive measures include starting or increasing the daily intake of vitamin D3 at the level of at least 10,000 IU per day and initiating or continuing higher intensity PEMF therapies daily to the whole body and/or to the lungs while PEMF therapy can be administered at home.