Testimonials by Curatron FLASH PEMF device users. 

I used the unit on myself last night and based on my only other experience with

a higher powered unit (the PMT-120) I am impressed!

I've not yet tried it at a high power setting with the booster, but will do so later today.  I used it with one patient this morning (someone with post-traumatic degeneration of the ulnar nerve) and plan to use it regularly with this patient.

H.M. Doctor of Chiropractic MN, USA

Here follow a couple of reviews we received from Daniel J. a therapist using the Curatron FLASH with excellent results

Woman 61 years old. Got severe shoulder pains, after being in the cleaning industry for years. Sick Leave for several months before starting with PEMF.

Her subjective pain was 4 on a scale from 0-10. 

After two treatments the pain was reduced to 1 and some days no pain at all.

Man 65 years old. Having lung disease for 16 years, with a lot of coughing, mucus and infections resulting in lack of energy.

Many sore points in sternum area. Standard drugs, acupuncture and  herbal medicine did not help him reduce pain.

After 9 PEMF treatments with the Curatron FLASH he is much better. No painful points in sternum anymore, no infections, no abnormal wheezing breathing sounds anymore when exhaling and his energy is coming back.

Woman 71 years old. Back pain in sacrum area. Painful to bend over like putting on shoes or washing dishes. Acupuncture and chiropractor did not help much.

She decided to try PEMF. After 5 treatments, the back pain is much less. And she can easily put on her shoes and wash dishes.