The Curatron FLASH is an excellent safe and non-invasive PEMF system to effectively treat acute and chronic pain. Pain relief is almost immediate and pain relief may last from days to months even.

Curatron FLASH PEMF promotes healing of acute and chronic injuries, inflammatory joints, fractures and has many more applications.

In order for PEMF therapy to be effective at a physiological level, the electromagnetic signal has to be strong enough to penetrate deep inside cells and bones.


The Curatron FLASH system generates very high intensity electromagnetic fields up to 0.7 Tesla in order to achieve the best possible results.

Muscle movements with Curatron PEMF FLASH


The only company in the world manufacturing a complete line of PEMF machines based on different technologies. Tue Energy Medicine, some call it oscillating or hummer PEMF and Impulse technology, some call it ringer PEMF. Starting with Curatron Home devices up to full clinical PEMF systems, see

Curatron FLASH PEMF systems are an excellent choice for home use and for practitioners.    

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